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Scuba Diving


The depths of the Mediterranean in the Mar Menor region are an exceptional destination for anyone wishing to practice scuba diving ¿ one of the most enthralling water sports of all. 

The Marine Reserve around Cabo de Palos and the Hormigas Islands is particularly remarkable for the excellent standard of conservation it enjoys and for the teeming aquatic life that populate their waters. Each and every dive in these areas is a unique experience.

It is also worth mentioning that many other magnificent dive locations exist outside the boundaries of the Marine Reserve. These areas are unjustly relegated to a second-class position in the rankings due to the truly spectacular nature of the Marine Reserve¿s waters but nonetheless anyone diving these waters will be richly rewarded.

Our transparent waters are delightfully warm due to our privileged climate. Add to this the more than 300 days of sunshine that we enjoy and you have the ideal conditions for practicing diving.

Using this website you will be able to access a huge range of diving baptisms, courses and scuba-diving excursions in the Mar Menor region. You can count on this service to allow you to seek help and advice from many centers run by true professionals in the business who offer the highest standard of service for both your safety and for the integrity of our marine ecosystems.

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